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Is custom tuning safe?

You hear a lot about diesel tuning and you're ready to jump onboard. But you're worried, worried that you'll cause more problems, or hurt the transmission. Is custom tuning safe? I'll answer that and provide some knowledge I have learned over that last 15 years of diesel tuning. But if you're here for the short answer, Yes, of course tuning is safe. However it can also be very unsafe. With great power comes great responsibility. Lets start by knowing why bad things happen with tuning. Engine, transmission, electronics, drive-train, even you're own image can be damaged by custom diesel tuning. These are the most common reasons you should be aware of:

Your tuner is not great at what he/she does; this is very common these days. With software so much cheaper and available to anyone that wants to put the work in to learn, basically anyone can become a tuner. The problem is that it takes years of experience to be good at this job. You put hours after hours of time into trial and error. You will spend countless dollars on equipment that does not cooperate with "beta testing". There's so much more to this than downloading some software, manipulate a few tables to make a quick buck. The good safe tuning is done by tuners that took the time to refine every map, go over the tune and live data over and over again. Driving a truck that feels amazingly better to the owner and wanting to make just a few more adjustments. It has to be right! Be sure to work with a tuner that you can talk to and understand what you are getting, and what its going to provide you.

Big power tunes, Smoke tunes, and race tunes. Are they safe, sure, for awhile or with supporting mods. This easiest way to hurt your truck is to throw a big tune into it and go beat on it. Most of our multi-tune programs (DSP5, CSP4, CSP5, SOTF, etc.) offer a "hot", "race", or "Performance" tune. These tunes are meant to be there to have fun with your truck. Use the race tune if your trans can handle it, or if it's once in awhile. If you are always in your race tune, please expect something bad to happen. You need to purchase "supporting mods" to run big tunes. This is typically a built transmission, and a lift pump at minimum.

Changing your driving style can hurt your tuned truck. After you tune your truck, you will notice a lot more horsepower and torque. You'll also notice your speed limiter is removed (we can leave it too). This 99% of the time will cause you to want to "see what she's got". This is where we tell you to be careful, respect other drivers, people, and property, as well as yourself. Going from 280rwhp to 500rwhp can be very dangerous to some people and we advise you to take extra precaution when driving a vehicle tuned.

Other than that, have fun, enjoy your vehicle and yes, Tune it, preferably Custom Tuning from Dynamic Calibration! We will make you happy you did!

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