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Why Custom Diesel Tuning?

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

EFI Live tune for diesel

When it comes to diesel tuning, there are basically 2 options. Option A, canned tuning or option B, custom diesel tuning. While canned tuning is not a bad thing, it doesn't offer very many options. Think of it like this; Let's say you drive a 2005 GM Duramax. If you were to order a canned tuner (eg: Edge, PPE, Superchips, etc.), you will get a programmer that will add horsepower and torque, as well as possible fuel mileage. Now with this canned tuner installed, it doesn't care if you are hauling a 18,000lb. load behind your truck, or if you have larger injectors, or maybe a larger turbo. It doesn't consider options installed on your vehicle, it doesn't consider how you personally operate the vehicle, and it doesn't consider what conditions or environment the vehicle is operated in. So while a canned tuner will add the basics to your vehicle, it is lacking a few very important options. With custom diesel tuning we can create tunes developed specifically for the vehicle use, how the driver operates it, the operating conditions, and the modifications done to the vehicle. With these options available, custom tuning allows your vehicle to make safe reliable power, run cooler and extend dependability, increase fuel mileage substantially, and work correctly with the products installed on the vehicle. As a bonus, if you were to make changes to the way you use your vehicle, or change the parts on your vehicle, we can update the tune file quickly. Also if your vehicle has no modifications currently, custom tuning can still be a great benefit for your vehicle. Even with no additional parts installed, custom tuning will still add safe power, better fuel economy, and longevity. Down the road if you do modify the vehicle, you will only need a tune update rather than complete new tuning.

If you're in the market for tuning, or looking for more power, more fuel mileage, or more longevity out of your diesel, give us a call, we would be glad to set you up with our custom tuning. We will provide the best tuning and support for your vehicle.

Talk to a tech today! 1-702-934-4010 or email us tech@dyncal.com

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